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who are you?
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How we choose to see ourselves is always a choice. Where we choose to see ourselves from is an important choice we make. I know that I'm not the psychologically constructed identity I've built over time for myself and you aren't the idea of who I think you are either. We're more than those constructions. Who I am, and who you are, came before either of those formations.

I choose to see myself as spirit having a human experience. This makes a difference beyond any measure. When I see myself from here, I'm not afraid. I'm more loving. I'm more trusting. I'm more compassionate of myself and others. In contrast my ego identity is small and limited and has many fears, insecurities and doubts. My light is obscured and dimmed. So this is not where I would want to choose to see myself from.

I heard this recently, although I'm not sure who the quote is from: 'The only thing that stands between me and you, is only my idea of you'. How very apt. If we put aside all the ideas we have of ourselves, of others, of the world , and we went back to the beginning- then we would have a huge united world filled with love, wouldn't we? The kind of love that would light up the sky! I'm reminded of a beautiful quote from Hafiz that I'll end this post with: "Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, you owe me. Look what happens with a love like that? It lights the whole sky".

who is mariyah the author of this blog?

Mariyah first began her career within the legal profession. After a few years she moved into education. Having initially taught law to Legal Executives and teenagers, she identified an important need for more than just imparting her subject specialism by contributing valuable resources for the wellbeing of students.

She encouraged the use of self-inquiry, mindfulness, positive psychology and CBT methods. She championed the importance of relational skills alongside academic ability. As one of her final projects within Education, as Director of Student Support, Mariyah identified the need for an enhanced support service for learners with mental health issues. As well as facilitating additional training for her tutorial team, leading to qualifications in mental health, Mariyah developed a unique service for learners.

Whilst on a waiting list, learners were able to access mental health support at the College from psychotherapists thus 'bridging the gap' between diagnosis and external support. The college she introduced this service to was one of the only colleges in Birmingham to offer such a service at the time.

Mariyah is committed to inspiring 'beautiful minds' by helping people learn how best to unleash their inherent mental wellbeing and self-worth, through an 'inside-out' approach. This continues to be demonstrated in her current role, as founder of her own Personal Learning and Development Practice. When she isn't spreading sunshine by helping others be their best selves, she is dabbling in art, books, travel, or socialising with her family and friends.

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